1000 words essay on swami vivekananda in english

The fact that I do not write in English should indicate that non Bengali patriotism does not sway my mind. He inspired millions of Indian youths by his revolutionary ideas of education.

Indian patriotism then will be built on the foundation of provincial patriotism, not just in words but in reality But it was largely a dialogue between the English speaking Tamil middle class and its English speaking Sinhala counterpart.

The law was already in nature. Orientation Programme for the 1st Year B. He recommends the valour and heroism of Queen of Jhansi for Indian women.

In other words, religion is that which helps an individual or a society to proceed ahead. The Ananda Church responded to the million-plus-dollar judgment by filing for protection under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy code.

A synthesis of past and present, East and West is needed. Vivekananda went to his room, asking not to be disturbed; he died at 9: The whole of India is now under British rule All the top three scorers are from Humanities: They also had a warrant for Kriyananda's detention, but he was in India.

One of the major points of revision concerns the so called 'Aryan invasion theory', often referred to as 'colonial-missionary', implying that it was the brainchild of conquerors of foreign colonies who could not but imagine that all higher culture had to come from outside 'backward' India, and who likewise assumed that a religion could only spread through a politically supported missionary effort.

The ascetics of the Math dedicated their lives to the realisation of the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and God-realisation, while the chief functions of the Mission were limited to manifold humanitarian services and education.

He served in that capacity until dismissed in It was quite another thing, to mobilise peoples, speaking different languages with different historical memories, into an integrated political force in support of the demand for Dravida Nadu. Before his death on 4th of July inhe meditated for three hours at Belur Math.

He was very eager to know about God from childhood. No people in Europe are as different, one from another, as our people. All knowledge — secular or spiritual — is in the human mind. Serving of a man is serving of the God. His attack on casteism, his social reform movement and his Self Respect Movement in the s infused a new dignity, thanmaanam, amongst the Tamil people and laid the foundations on which Tamil nationalism has grown.

The Vedanta makes no difference between man and man. There is a scholarly literature in Tamil dating back to the early centuries of the Christian era. We have never had a clear and strong stand against the concept of slavery or wars, to spread our religion and to subjugate others to Islam and force them to pay a humiliating tax called Jizia.

His original name was Narendranath Dutta. His brief speech is considered one of the greatest speeches of all time. He wanted to combine Indian spirituality and Western materialism — he sincerely believed that only through this happy fusion and mingling can be achieved the real progress of India.

Vivekananda was an eclectic thinker and educationist. Education must be based on the needs of the child.

640 Words Essay on Swami Vivekanand: A Model of Inspiration for the Young

Besides Vedanta, Sri Ramakrishna practiced the principles of other sects — Tantrics, Vaishnavas, Shaivas et al — and religions such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

If education were identical with information, the libraries would be the greatest sages in the world and encyclopedias the greatest Rishis. He is the store-house of knowledge. In the years after the first World War, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi reached out to the underlying unity of India and sought to weld together the many peoples of the Indian subcontinent into a larger whole.

The students are to be informed accordingly. The 19th century Indian nationalism was nourished and enriched by Vivekananda. Essay on Swami Vivekananda: It is the God in the sick, the poor, the miserable, the ignorant and the down-trodden Daridranarayana that we should worship.

Man is essentially psycho-physical in nature. Kaliyanasundarar writing in urged that Tamil Nadu constituted a nation within the Indian state. He wanted to Indianise Indian education.


He, of course, discarded blind imitation of the West. This oppressive cultural system and practices have emanated from age old ideologies and superstitions.British conquest & Tamil renaissance.

The response of a people to invasion by aliens from a foreign land is a measure of the depth of their roots and the strength of their identity. It was under British conquest that the Tamil renaissance of the second half of the 19th century gathered momentum. Swami Vivekananda was a great Hindu saint and religious leader.

He founded the Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math. Birth and Early Life: He was born in Kolkata on January 12, His original name was Narendranath Datta. His parents were Vishwanath Datta and Bhuvaneswari Devi.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Swami Vivekananda: for Kids, Children and Students! Essay # Short Life-Sketch of Swami Vivekananda: 19th century India produced a galaxy of great men who have enriched our national life by their talent and personality.

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda was one of them. His original name was Narendranath Dutta. He was born in North Calcutta [ ]. Blog, books and media on Nostradamus, global warming, prophecy, politics, and the science of meditation and evolution.

ESSAY ON THE LEGACY OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA Swami Vivekananda as we all know is the greatest Hindu monk who has brought a massive change during the 19th century. He was born in in Kolkata and continued his studies there. Swami Vivekananda Essay 3 ( words) Swami Vivekananda was born on 12 th of January in in Calcutta as Narendra Nath Datta.

The name of his parents was Vishwanath Datta (an attorney at Calcutta High Court) and Bhuvaneshwari Devi (a religious housewife).

1000 words essay on swami vivekananda in english
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