A look at the causes of police brutality

This is particularly obvious when it comes to dealing with family pets. This raises the question of racism and to what extent it's responsible for police brutality. The officers became extremely angry when 33 year old Louima resisted arrest and so they stopped twice on the way back to the station to beat him.

Psychological Factors Some theories argue there are psychological factors inherent in the causes of police brutality. There are some organizations that are fighting against police brutality. Further, it should be noted that even where the fee arrangements are on a contingency basis, clients will still be responsible for payment or reimbursement of the costs and expenses of litigation.

Police are increasingly militarized. Officers are constantly fearful and always being careful while they are on the job. The group works day to day and even has a hotline for people who have suffered ruthless beatings by the police. The officer was sentenced to four years in prison.

Nothing on this website constitutes a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any future legal matter. Police departments seldom punish officers severely for excessive use of force, contributing to the perpetuation of this form of criminal behavior, critics say.

Although the occurrence of police brutality is acknowledged by authorities as persistent problem, reasons for its are best qualified as theories. The result is that the law enforcement officer continues to choose brutal tactics over the official way to accomplish the day-to-day tasks of his or her job.

When they arrived two officers took the man into the bathroom, removed his trousers and beat him with the handle of a toilet plunger. Most times a criminal pushes an officer to act brutally towards him.

Criminality The use of excess force on civilians is a criminal offense because it violates state laws, federal laws, constitutional rights, and police laws as well.

In the absence of this training, police are less likely to view violence as a last resort.

What are Facts on the Cause of Police Brutality?

The attorneys from our team have found that police brutality has occurred when there is a lack of accountability and awareness within the local community. To another officer, the same level of resistance means the officer can pull the party through a window.

The Struggle Against Racial Profiling, n. Cases in which police, prison guards and other law enforcement authorities used excessive force or other tactics to violate victims' civil rights increased from to from fiscal years toaccording to the U. It should be noted that in the absences of such supplemental training, police are likely to consider violence acceptable.

The police department denied him of his civil rights and spread rumors about his employees. Some police officers will go beyond reasonable force when they are dealing with African American criminals and that is when it becomes a situation. When a law enforcement officer grows increasingly isolated and considers the better part of the public to be hostile, it is not unusual for an officer to target citizens.

In this situation, a police officer does something questionable and never receives a reprimand for his or her actions.

Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is Systemic, Not Anecdotal

Mehserle is eligible for release in approximately one year. He suffered 56 blows from the batons and was kicked 6 times. The entire police department got away with the brutality.

King also had 11 skull fractures, brain damage and kidney damage. The good news is that the first step toward preventing police brutality is well-documented and fairly simple:Police misconduct and instances of police brutality occur in many forms and have a variety of causes. One of the causes is the subculture of policing, which can have a negative effect on the system.

What are Facts on the Cause of Police Brutality? By Dina Gilio-Whitaker ; Updated September 29, There are several theories about the causes for police brutality. Nov 09,  · News about police brutality, misconduct and shootings, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

What are the causes of police brutality? Update Cancel. ad by BeenVerified. And if you look at the instances of police brutality then, often, you’ll find and an officer with a history of violent behaviour. research into causes would be with an eye towards what can be done to prevent it.

Root causes The issue of police brutality continues to be a major concern for both the public and the law enforcement profession. Throughout American history violence in the form of police brutality, unwarranted use of force, and other forms of mistreatment of citizens is not uncommon.

Police misconduct and instances of police brutality occur in many forms and have a variety of causes. One of the causes is the subculture of policing, which can have a negative effect on the system.

New officers often seek to conform with traditions and standards of police behavior and demeanor.

A look at the causes of police brutality
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