Apple iphone the microeconomics marketing essay

Recognizing probably Microsoft and Samsung as the other two firms that stand a great output when compared to Apple.

Apple Marketing Mix: 4P’s

Lastly as Apple was tying up with various specific operators its non- availability for the other operators was causing several problems for the growth of the iPhone. As the phase of iPhone model differs, phone accessories are complement goods as earpiece and USB cables usually come with a new iPhone.

Driving down production while increasing costs, having other firms in the market breeds way for innovation and constant restructuring of the products. In each of these country with the company adopted the same business model used in the US.

According to Paul Goode, a known analyst of M: In reference to Graph 4, a positive cross elasticity of demand will occur where both the percentage change in quantity demand and change in price moves in the same direction. Apple uses the following distribution channels: UK, Germany and France.

This also meant that they need not spend too much in attracting new customers. This strategy slowed down the sales of iPhones.

Summary The price cut implemented by Apple Inc. Inelastic Demand of iPhone 6 Therefore, the existing iPhone models that came out before the iPhone 6 are deemed elastic due to the availability of more advanced smartphones in the market. Apple was quick to realise this radical change and hence quickly announced the launch of iPhone.

Based on Figure 1, an iPhone is considered to be one of the most demanded smartphones over the years. The reach of iPhone to customers was limited to these outlets only.

With a limited amount of firms available in the industry, an oligopolist is considered a price searcher, as a small smartphone firms have the ability to make an agreement and control over the market price of their products.

Furthermore, there is a slight differentiated products sold by the firms, which acts as a selling point to each firm. It also announced some service plans for those who opted for the iPhone. Customers would go out and buy one product from Sony, and then go out and buy another product from Sharp and not think anything of it.

If the price decreases, then potential demand also increases inverse relationship. The psyche and buying behaviour of customers in an emerging market is totally different than that of a customer in a mature market.

This also helped in spreading word of mouth publicity which is more trusted rather than a very high decibel promotional campaign. In a perfect competition industry, there would be a large number of firms attempting to put out their version of smartphones, at a low-cost rate and high-profit rate.

Hence it had the power to appeal to the customers with its highly differentiated features. Apple has created the image of a premium brand.

Q1-What, according to you, was the reason for such a huge amount of buzz being generated around the launch of iPhone? One is improvement in products such as the quality and features. This slows down the flow of information and hence misses out on more prospective customers.

The announcement regarding the iPhone was made in January almost six months before its actual release in the market in June Henceforth although there was a severe buzz regarding the launch of the iPhone it has not captured the market to a great extent.

When the price of iPhone increases, there is a high possibility that consumers go for the substitute product due to the elasticity of smartphones. With a lower price, this would produce an increase of the demand as it now attracts a larger pool of consumers, such as the lower income group.

It developed a future generation touch screen mobile which was way ahead of its times. The technology giant has plans to further grow its product line by entering new areas like solar energy.

The Marketing Strategy of iPhone in the Smartphone Industry

Despite the slowing down sales of its PCs and laptops, it did not feel inclined to change its pricing strategy. Apple has never believed in pricing its products low since it can dilute the image it has created.

Apple communication is sober, intriguing, simple, clear, minimalist and clever.

Apple`s iPhone Supply and Demand Essay

Apple did not go with a very expensive and extensive promotional campaign for iPhone as expected. The customer here did not have to worry about a very high price. As iPhones have impacted the smartphone market globally and in Singapore, iPhones will be analyzed in this term paper.

Then they have the iTunes store and the app store that connects to the Apple store. Hence simultaneously it could cater to the customers who liked music and films along with the business class which is more in need of communication and data transfer device.2. iPhone’s Unethical Marketing Activities . Deceptive Advertising Practices On July 26,a class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple and iPhone carrier AT&T for deceptive advertising over the iPhone battery (Lane, ).

Iphone Marketing strategy Since its launch, inand until the end ofApple sold million iPhones. It’s an impressive number. in alone, Apple sold million iPhones, in Apple sold million iPhones.

Marketing strategy of Product is the main or an important thing about Apple’s marketing strategy. Its product help in gaining market share, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Apple has been successful in recent years for their imaginative way to do their business.

Analysis on Apple iPhone Essay Sample

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Case Study – Apple iPhone Essay

Market structure of Apple iPhone: Oligopoly: A few large firms dominate the market Lagel barriers prevent the entry of new firms II. Nonprice factors that impact the demand of Apple iPhone. 1/ Substitute factor: One of the factors that affects the demand for Apple iPhone is the substitution effect.4/4(5).

Case Apple Computers in Background Apple computer Inc. is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronic, personal computer, computer software, commercial servers and digital media. Apple‘s core product lines were iPhone, smart phones, iPads, tablet computers iPods, portable media players and Macintosh computers.

Apple iphone the microeconomics marketing essay
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