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It paints a specific setting and mood very well. I wrote the final part as the deadline was the next day. Had my medication stopped working? I would have liked to northwrite air a step further, and have discussions afterwards with the other authors, possibly leading to an overall edit.

We like the northwrite air, and we admire the last line as much as the first — a sure sign that the piece works as a whole, with connections made across style and form by both authors.

We like the way this piece loops back to the beginning, in words and image. In writing, as in cricket or music, the partners must work together and gain a sense of northwrite air and pace.

The almost surreal beginning produced a wonderful hazy, dreamlike feel which Martha and Claire continued beautifully using senses and colour, creating vivid pictures. While you have all been focusing on your competition entries we have been on the lookout for other collaborative projects.

She also writes short fiction, which has been published online and in print and has been recognised by various fancy places.

ASHRAE builds energy-efficient headquarters

The opening of this piece brings into focus the agony of the possibilities that no longer exist alongside the desire that they might, that they could, that they should. Amazingly, I think it still worked. So far we have looked at a single story by two authors, two stories — one in response to the other, a single poem by two poets, two poems — one in response to the other, and in this post we will look at the option of a poem in response to a story.

This unique turnkey product offers an upgrade to a 21 st century building without any capital outlay or assumption of risk for energy savings by the business owner.

Research Highlights

This piece deserves special mention for the way it plays with perspective and introduces two voices to bring the reader into the moment and the scene. From that defining moment - and through to the present day - Carrier has built on a legacy of innovation. We should be able to make plenty if you can hang around for a while.

And the process of learning our way through new repertoire, along with the final outcome, was always surprising. Not being much of a batsman, I was usually the junior partner, my vocabulary a mixture of shrugs and muttered apologies.

Racing through the darkness, we tripped, smashing our knees on jutting rocks. You can find her at www. Both poems contain some lines that feel a little more forced than others. We recommend the writers revisit northwrite air parts to explore further edits — for example, the first italic stanza on the northwrite air page the contrast between the random colour of the rainbow and the monochrome scratchings of the author feels slightly over-written and could be done with more delicacy, perhaps, especially since the themes have already been introduced in earlier stanzas.

I especially love second person POV. In an earlier part of my life, I was a dedicated pianist. The SMDS detects issues and alerts building owners, staff, and authorized maintenance providers through a web-based interface. He handed me a key then pointed across the prairie to a speck in the distance.

We see our role as that of a crucial partner in the development plans of our larger clients, and have developed a comprehensive set of services to support enterprise customers at each stage of their project road map.

Balancing that, however, are phrasings with a specificity of language that we greatly admire: These units are often run until a catastrophic failure occurs, such as complete loss of cooling caused by a failed compressor, failed condenser fan, failed supply fan, or significant loss of refrigerant.

When you start to use technology as powerful as the WorkSite you will quickly see the strategic advantage your organization will have. The moon crept higher and at some point I slept. Remember you have a variety of options for submission: The beast yelped and fled, trailing flames.

For more than a century, Carrier's research, expertise and forethought have resulted in market-leading innovations and 'firsts' that have shaped and defined the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Laugh in the shade of the slavering beast let fire light his eyes and make death tame the boy is mad— The hellhounds thundered behind us. RTUs consume the equivalent of enough energy to power nearly 17 million homes each year. We appreciate the support you have given this competition.

We hope you are all enjoying the collaborative process and we look forward to receiving your entries by midnight on Friday 15 November. Worse than my lover-turned-stranger beside me, oozing blood from her torn fingertips.Indoor Air Quality • OSA & Pressurization • Contaminant Control.


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o Report is intended to be a show piece to encourage occupants and operators to support the OCx effort ON-GOING COMMISSIONING. Quality Attributes Software. May 19,  · Joule Assets, in line with its mission to streamline the energy efficiency industry, has acquired NorthWrite, a cloud-based energy information management services company with a tested and proven.

NorthWrite Competition Winner Announced May 10 We are delighted to announce that Sun Lyoung Kim is the winner of the NorthWrite Competition for. Based in Minneapolis, Minn., NorthWrite's Energy Expert software creates a "smart model" of a building by comparing daily energy consumption with notifications for over and under energy consumption.

Diagnostics for Packaged HVAC Units

The software predicts potential peak demand days, allowing for adjustments in the power system. NorthWrite also connects building managers with NYSERDA-approved contractors that can make the building improvements.

"What we are providing with NorthWrite MBCx is a service," said Terrence McManus, NorthWrite's chief marketing officer.

This, in turn, enables Onset and Northwrite customers to combine best-in-class energy monitoring hardware with a more customized dashboard software solution." "We have been impressed for a long time with the quality, flexibility and value of the monitoring devices Onset provides," said Paul Bursch, chief technical officer for NorthWrite.

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