Politication of census in nigeria

Those that migrated were mainly non-indigene of northern and eastern origins. These should therefore be encouraged and supported. The process also gets postponed often because no one wants to bear the huge financial costs.

It is of great value to any administration and towardse future planning for any meaningful development. Possible Uses of Census Information Census Information Potential Uses Total Population Size When two or more census counts are compared for the same location, planners can determine if locales are increasing or decreasing in size.

It is therefore not surprising that both and the exercises were grossly inflated and consequently paving way for a fresh one in while that of never saw the light of the day as the Gowon government then ordered a return to that of ".

There were bill boards all over major roads and streets of the nation announcing and intimating people about the census. Only persons that were physically seen were counted in their houses, and the enumerators took fingerprint to ensure that a person was not counted more than once.

But, inspite of the afforementioned, it can be said that reasonable level of success was realised. The organisation now use new and improved technology.

The attack failed when an Allied counterattack by French and American forces, including several hundred tanks, overwhelmed the Germans on their right flank, the German defeat marked the start of the relentless Allied advance which culminated in the Armistice with Germany about days later.

Census is primarily a developmental process the result of which can lead a country to greatness. In terms of household wealth, it ranks fourth in the world. The term general is used in two ways, as the title for all grades of general officer and as a specific rank.

Board members should be oriented or reoriented to see their jobs as a national service and their appointments, merited. Like option A4 adopted for election processes and adjudged an excellent option all over the world, a model should evolve from this exercise.

The census suffered the same challenges as that of The Christians and Islamic clerics and leaders also implored their followers to make themselves available for the National Population and Housing Census.

Concerted efforts were made so that the exercise was not marked by irregularities that discredited the previous ones of whereareas were demarcated and consequently became unacceptable because of claims and reports of irregularities.

Politication of Census in Nigeria

In fact, no one visited the towns and villages and the information provided about certain areas were made up from nothing. The result remained cancelled till today as a result of serious spiral inflations.


So tentatively, we suggested but gave some kind census in nigeria rider to it, that if it was to take place inwe should look at the things we need to do and their cost implications.The word “Population Growth” has its origin from the latin words ‘Populus’ meaning people. According to ecological term; “population is group of people of the same species occupying a particular space”.


Politication of Census in Nigeria By admin The Best Papers 0 Comments The objective of this paper is to highlight the uniqueness and credible attributes of the exercise: and to make recommendations for subsequent census exercisein the country.

Nigeria Education Fact Sheet United States Embassy in Nigeria burgeoning school-age population. Funding % of the national budget is allocated to budget. Nigeria-U.S. Education Nigeria was the17th largest source of international undergraduates and the19th largest source of international graduate students in the U.S.

in / The Term Paper on Politication of Census in Nigeria development to be without an acceptable census figure. However, the population and housing census was unique. It was a population as well as to project future needs to assist planners to make realistic future development needs.

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while Nigeria's saw opposition wins at the sub-national level and loss of life around the polling itself. Each has something important to say about the.

Politication of census in nigeria
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