Role of voluntary organizations in community

A study conducted by Abegunde on the activities of the Voluntary organizations in Atiba local government area of Osun state revealed that there were about CBOs in the area.

Chambre has examined volunteerism specifically in the context of the AIDS epidemic and drawn some interesting observations regarding the mobilization of volunteers.

In many hospitals the impetus for bolstering volunteer resources for patients with AIDS came from the outside, and funds were provided by foundations or hospital auxiliary agencies.

In the study, the researcher made a copious attempt to find out the problems and prospects of this organization in their quest for community development, how does the societies benefit from their activities, economically, socially, and educationally.

The federal government also designed different programmes that focused on rural and community development in the past few decades. Their research indicates that social capital can be produced anywhere there are dense lateral networks involving voluntary engagement, trust and mutual benefit.

Initially, many funders were reluctant to get involved in AIDS work because of the stigma associated with the disease. Women groups buy garry processing machines; establish sewing institute and poultry farms.

Sometimes the bargaining is explicit: It gives impetus to the necessary changes that must occur before developmentwhether social, political or economic-can be realized Prasad Mandondon believed that CBOs are local initiatives and that interference from government may divert, misguide or adversely influence the CBOs members.

By the time AIDS appeared, the consumer movement had matured, and there was a new-found willingness to confront and question professional authority of all types, including the traditional "paternalism" of medical care. Kogi State University Ayigba. Women Associations In the traditional setting, even before colonialism, women were entrusted with the responsibility of sweeping the roads and village squares.

They are organised by a group of people who feel that they have a moral duty to serve the community.

The role of voluntary organizations in community Development in nigeria

The organization in built a primary school, bank, court hall, community hall, post office and opened up several roads for vehicular usage Olomola, Caring for others has not allowed them to express their anger or vent their frustration at what they believe to be a federal government without a plan to confront the epidemic or a leader to take charge.

It also gave rise to questions about the proper roles and functions of volunteers in relation to paid or "professional" workers. Dept of Public Administration. The degree of involvement of the former therefore determines the level of development in any given area.

If volunteers operate only within existing government frames, they will tend to support the status quo.

Furthermore, community development leaders should be regularly given training in community development skills to equip them for efficient work schedules and ensure proper co-ordination and to prevent excessive wasteful expenditure which is often the case with rural development projects.

Role of Voluntary Organizations in Community Development in Nigeria

Although Agbaje have argued that CBO has freedom of entry or exit, Holdcraft observed that this freedom could be generalized with the exclusion of community based institutions organized by landlords, community or clan leaders, age group fans and trade unions among others.

Education for example is the responsibility of the state but the educational institutions being run and managed by voluntary organisations far outnumber the government institutions and excel the latter in quality of service also in view of the flexibility, ability at experimentation, pioneering spirit and other virtues.

Along this line, Wahab observed that people in developing nations have until recently looked up to their governments to meet their basic socio-economic demands.

Yet AIDS has also tended to overwhelm other issues, such as gay civil rights, political recognition, and lesbian health. Many local groups have benefited from seed grants from private foundations, as well as the federal Health Services Research Administration Howell, ; Seltzer and Galvin, There are many communities that today enjoyed electricity and pipe born water as a result of endeavours of town improvement unions.

In San Francisco, the Kaposi's Sarcoma Foundation was formed in to respond to the crisis, and by early volunteers began to staff hotlines, distribute literature, and provide advice to help individuals confront a disease about which very little was known except its fearsome potential consequences.

CBOs are localized institutions in that their spheres of influence hardly extend beyond their immediate communities or neighbourhood. They are non-profit and non-governmental because all members contribute economically towards the fulfillment of their responsibilities to the immediate environment and not depend on government before fulfilling these Claudia, Available data revealed that 9 of the 12 states in Nigeria in expended N2,on community development programmes in the second national development plan Onibokun, In designing programs, there is also the danger that the availability and prospects for obtaining certain types of funding will drive program choices, independent of the actual needs of those to be served.

Social mobilization, argues Ikoiwakin fact, is an essential surgical operation for the removal or virulent tissues of development in a polity. At the same time public health officials and providers of care, frustrated by governmental inaction at high levels and aware of their limited ability to gain the trust of the communities most affected, encouraged the active participation of volunteers.The study assesses the role of Voluntary Organizations in Community development in Nigeria.

Furthermore, this Seminar paper tries to look into the challenges faced by Voluntary organizations in Community development and ways government can come in to assist these community based organizations for effective performance in community.

The role of voluntary organization in community development specified objectives such as to bring the local communities that technical assistance available from outside the.

The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management ISa February There are also a number of voluntary organizations that are involved in long-term recovery activities including rebuilding, cleanup, and mental health assistance. A Voluntary Organization or Volunteers Organization is any organization that uses the human resources of volunteers for achieving its main purpose.

Community participation can be facilitated by the use of voluntary organizations. Role of Voluntary Organizations in Social Capital opportunity for face-to-face interaction provided by participation in voluntary organizations not only teaches essential civics skills, such as trust, compromise and reciprocity, but also binds society together by creating bridges between diverse groups (de Tocqueville, as summarized by Newton, ).

The role of voluntary organizations in community Development in nigeria

The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management ISa February As a result of this relationship with the community, voluntary organizations are able to incorporate the values, priorities, and spirit of the community in their disaster relief efforts.

Additionally, voluntary organizations are.

Role of voluntary organizations in community
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