The reasons young people use drugs

Why People Self-Medicate

Changes in school performance — cutting classes, declining grades, and more. For example, does a person who is depressed drink to alleviate his or her depression, or does drinking lead to changes in his brain that result in feelings of depression?

It may not be due to any genetic tendencies but more a case of socialisation in that the young person has grown up with smoking, drinking or drug use in their family and sees it as acceptable behaviour. A review of psychosocial risk factors. But it is very difficult to stop this pattern of behaviour which can pass down through families.

Many young people are experiencing the consequences of drinking too much, at too early an age. Other substances Other substances young people use include: Every person has problems or challenges in life. Getting drunk and growing up: Psychosocial correlates of adolescent drug-taking behaviour.

The teenage years are tough. Sedative drugs like alcohol and heroin can lead to fatal overdose if a lot is taken. Skip to the navigation Topic Overview For many young people, using alcohol, drugs, or other substances like cigarettes is just part of growing up. Others seem to think that drug use is not dangerous at all.

Why do young people take drugs?

In fact, curiosity is a big reason people start to take drugs. But there are other reasons as well. The setting bit is about what the person is doing at the time, where they are, the environment they live in etc. As Rose and colleagues 43 show, genetic factors appear to have more influence on adolescent drinking behavior in late adolescence than in mid-adolescence.

An important area of alcohol research is focusing on how expectancy influences drinking patterns from childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood 11— Unfortunately, rebellious teens may gravitate toward drugs that feed their aggression.

Pediatrics 93 6 Pt 2: Also if anything does go wrong, it is unlikely help will be at hand or that an ambulance could easily be called. How often the drug is taken. If heavy, frequent use is followed by a period of non-use tolerance levels drop. It can also induce psychotic episodes that plague users with extreme anxiety, paranoia and confusion; 5.

Perspectives on alcohol taxation.Young people: drugs and alcohol (Young People) Young people: epilepsy (Young People) Young people: health and weight (Young People) Some of the people we talked to had cut down or given up their use of street drugs.

Their reasons for stopping or cutting down included: Being worried about their health or mental health. Health risks associated with teen and young-adult substance use aren’t limited to the direct effects of the substances themselves.

Risk also comes from the behaviors of young people who use. Separated from the ritual and the community support, they use drugs for whatever reasons, whenever they feel like, and either alone or with like-minded people who are as irresponsible as themselves.

Meanwhile, the profoundly potent but not-as-consciousness-altering substances like alcohol and nicotine are considered acceptable and even celebrated. For more information about young people and illegal drugs, visit the Positive Choices portal. Tips for being assertive Although it varies from person to person situations where you have to disagree with others or refuse something can sometimes feel awkward and difficult to handle.

Drugs may also be seen as a way to help people relax and deal with stress, or to help deal with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

Natural rebellion. With young people in particular, taking drugs can be part of natural rebellion. Drug use may act as a means of defiance or may be associated with belonging to an alternative culture. The reasons why people use drugs vary greatly for every individual.

More often than not, a person is trying to fix an issue within their life and they see drugs as the solution. A young person may be trying to fit in with their peers and views using or alcohol drugs as a means of feeling “a part of.”.

The reasons young people use drugs
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