Why should marijuana be legalized essay

Cannabis significantly reduces pain in people suffering from chronic pain. Over twenty years ago, estimates of drug use among Americans went as high as 24 million, but we now estimate that the number of Americans who use illegal drugs is down to about 11 million.

Stop aggressive campaign of delegitimization of medical cannabis. Our American society is facing a tremendous drug problem. Reasons weed should be illegal?

We must consider these endless benefits of legalizing marijuana when deciding whether or not we should legalize it. Marijuana is actually forbidden for use as an illegal, unhealthy drug, when people die every day from alcohol abuse, prescribed medications and overdose from other illegal drugs.

One of the consequences of legalization will be a tremendous increase in drug users. Sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

These are just the preconceived notions we've been brought up in though. As you can see from a study published in the Lancet and reported on by the Economista team of drug experts in the U. We would have more money to spend on important problems if marijuana were legal.

However, this material has relatively mild side effects. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this web site, or if you would like to help our cause, please email us at mlo mjlegal. Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?

Marijuana produces changes in the mental abilities of a human being, changes in mood occur, pulse, blood pressure and coordination are some of the physiological effects which take place in a person. In order to properly argument the topic, I would first like to point out to the various systems of marijuana legalization.

There is no way of having a system to check for quality when it is illegal. If this is the case, how come the world has decided to ban marijuana instead of tobacco?

Essay on Why Cannabis Should be Legalized

But, at the same time, legalizing marijuana can open the door to an individual becoming addicted to harder drugs like cocaine or crack. Because it is available. It can lead us to more negative choices that ruin our life.

Many legal things are a much more common cause of death than marijuana. Furthermore, it helps relax muscle tension and spasms and chronic pain. This scenario would actually be the healthier choice.Jun 02,  · Those are some reasons why they want to legalize marijuana.

But are they right? Against Legalizing Marijuana. April 6, not everything in the essay was correct also! Report Abuse. Here given is a professionally written academic essay example on the issue of legalization of marijuana.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

Feel free to use this template to your advantage. English Interactive. Expert essay writing help for ESL students. Home; Many individuals believe that marijuana should not be placed in the same category like heroin, cocaine, and.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

The legalization of Marijuana is a highly heated and controversial issue in America today. Data shows that over 55% of Americans believe marijuana should continue to be illegal and the remaining 45% believe the pot‘s legal status should be altered.

Jun 02,  · Marijuana use basically got smaller after it was legalized. Also, younger teens will use it.

Parents will use it and give bad example to younger kids and teens, and parents will use it and become. Sample Essay. 4 works cited.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Length: words. Whether or not marijuana should be legalized is a difficult question to answer.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Some people believe that it should be legalized. Marijuana is a drug which is comprised of different things and hence it has many psychological effects on the user.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Are you writing an essay or working on a speech or presentation about why marijuana should be legal? If so, this page is for you.

We get a lot of requests from students who say: "I'm working on a paper for school -- could you tell me why marijuana should be legal?" Well, here it is.

Why should marijuana be legalized essay
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