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An experienced leader with exceptional administrative skills. A list of accomplishments provide a factual window onto a person's abilities, skills, and productivity. Provided detailed administrative and maintenance training to four technicians and one supervisor, contributing to 50 percent increase in work center proficiency.

Loyal, trustworthy, and dedicated, he is roll model for all to follow. Outstanding technician with the ability to excel in a supervisory role. Led five Sailors through hours of maintenance to conduct 17 alignments and replacement of 36 failed critical components ensuring a percent operational missile defense capability during training cycle.

As Watchbill Coordinator he is directly responsible for the tasking and assignment of over 38 personnel. Trained eight technicians on the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program, Naval Aviation Logistics Command Operating Maintenance Informtion System, and general maintenance procedures, increasing work center proficiency by 15 percent.

Directed four technicians in the repair of components, resulting in a 23 percent reduction in backlog. Volunteered 96 off-duty hours as a youth football coach for the Green Run Spartans football team, mentoring 32 high school students.

Coordinated 48 reenlistments and 19 extensions, leading to a 76 percent divisional retention rate. Maintained 46 publications as the work center Dispersed Technical Publications Librarian, contributing to zero discrepancies on the semi-annual Quality Assurance audit.

He or she might be an expert in their field but the absolute worst at sharing experience or getting along with others. Led 13 Sailors performing avionics component repairs, resulting in a Spring PRT not performed due to member onboard less than 10 weeks.

Sought out by all levels of the chain of command to resolve both technical and personnel issues. Active member of the Command Assessment Team. This is often accomplished by listing the notable achievements of the person being rated.

Navy Writer

Directed 18 technicians performing 2, maintenance actions on 33 Consolidated Automated Support System stations, resulting in a 95 percent station availability rate. An insightful and forward-thinking Sailor.

Navy Writer

Led four technicians in completing 2, maintenance actions and 95 technical directives, resulting in a 96 percent station availability rate. Already performing at the level of a CPO. Devoted 16 off-duty hours volunteering at the Virginia Beach field house for youth sports activities.

Aggressively performed her duties as a X technician while simultaneously supporting the Line Division as a qualified Plane Captain.

Conducted and documented safety training for 82 technicians and obtained required safety equipment, resulting in zero safety incidents for and zero program discrepancies on the semi-annual Quality Assurance audit. Often called upon to solve and repair the most perplexing discrepancies.

The Comments on Performance block has three main areas: Mentors over Sailors in life skills and professional development, 25 advanced and two were Sailors of the Year.

Trained nine Sailors on maintenance procedures, contributing to the repair of RADAR components with a 92 percent repair rate. Dedicated 13 off-duty hours to Goodwill of Norfolk, distributing clothing and promoting a positive Navy image to the local community.

The ratio of the number of lines devoted to accomplishments to the number of lines set aside for the introduction give you an idea of the importance of achievements to the Navy. Nothing is too small or off-limits.Online Navy FITREP and Eval Writing Guide.

The guide for writing and improving your Navy Eval. September 20, December 7, evalwriter 0 Comments Debrief, E4 Evaluation, Eval Statement, Navy Evaluation, Start Here E6 Evaluations are just around the corner.

As per BUPERS INST D they are scheduled to be completed and signed. SN assured the safety of all Military, Civilian, Contractor, and family personnel encompassing Navy, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard aboard XXXXXX Naval Base.

-WELL ROUNDED- CE3 has completed multiple In-rate, construction and security training courses to bring command readiness up to speed. BUPERSINST D 1 May NAVY PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM OVERVIEW FOR COMMANDING OFFICERS, DELEGATED REPORTING SENIORS, AND RATERS.

BUPERSINST D 1 May 1 Enclosure (1) 1. Purpose. This enclosure provides an overview of the Navy EVAL standards have been respected. Your One Stop Shop for Navy Eval, Award, and other Navy Writing Examples. Encl: (1) Navy Performance Evaluation System Overview for Commanding Officers, Delegated Reporting Seniors, and Raters (2) Navy Performance Evaluation System Manual (EVALMAN) 1.

Purpose. To publish revised guidance for performance evaluation and to publish the revised Navy Performance Evaluation Manual (EVALMAN). 2. Cancellation. BUPERSINST C.

Writing an eval navy
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